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WATCH: Claremont’s Evelyn Cormier Joins Jay Dawg For ‘Coming Attractions’

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and with it is four…

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Coming Attractions With Jay Dawg: Three New Films Including A Disney Doc

Easter is upon us. So what is there to see this weekend in theaters? Jay Dawg from WTPL 107.7 The Pulse and 107.3 WEMJ may have the answers to that with Doc of Frank FM Radio on the latest Coming Attractions! Posted by NH1 on Thursday, April 18, 2019 As ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is inching closer to cinemas, Easter weekend is closer, and with that,…

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Coming Attractions With Jay Dawg: Happy Death Day, Isn’t It Romantic, and Alita

Coming Attractions with Jay Dawg from WTPL 107.7 The Pulse & 107.3 WEMJ is back for 2019. Posted by NH1 on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 This weekend is a bit different. It’s Valentine’s Day, then Washington’s Birthday/Presidents Day. Three movies, all out either before or…

Pick Six Week 17

Last Chance to Get It Right – NFL Predictions for Week 17

It’s the final week of the NFL season, and we’ve got can’t miss predictions for the six biggest…

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Need to Get Back On Track with Your NFL Picks? Call in the Ringer – Psychic Sue!

Last week, Ken and Jay Dawg from “Cail and Company” didn’t exactly set the world on fire with…

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Magnificent Seven: Christmas Delivers the Biggest Week of the Year at the Movies

This Christmas, you’ll have seven – count em, seven – new movies to choose from when you head…

Pick Six Week 15

Get Pats/Steelers Results Before They Play (and Predictions for 5 Other Games)

Football fans are expected to be glued to the set when the Pats take on the Steelers in…

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Spiders, Mules and Engines, Oh My!

After a sad week with no wide releases, there are three new films to choose from this weekend.

Pick Six Week 14

SPOILER ALERT: Ken & Jay Dawg Tell You Who Will Win The Biggest NFL Games This Weekend

Each week, Ken Cail and Jay Dawg, your hosts for “Cail & Company” weekdays on 107.7 The Pulse…

Pick Six week 13

Six NFL Predictions for Week 13 with a 50% Guaranteed Chance of Being Correct

It’s Week 13 in the NFL. When the calendar flips to December, that’s when the games really start…