A little bit of deliciousness is in this small kiss Valentine’s Day isn’t here yet, but that never stops The Hershey Corporation for a little bit of forward thinking. This week they announced a delicious addition to their lineup. https://www.delish.com/food-news/a25727850/lava-cake-hershey-kisses/ And it’s the perfect indulgent for someone you love who has a sweet tooth. Lava Cake Kisses will now be available for a limited time nationwide! It features a smooth melted kiss and on the inside is a dark chocolate plume. The reviews say that biting into it is like biting into chocolate heaven. They’re currently available in the candy aisle in a bright pink bag that retails for $3.98. I would suggest that if you to get them for a loved one to do it soon... these aren’t going to last for long

Hershey’s Kisses Now Has a Lava Cake Flavor And Your Sweet Tooth Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Valentine’s Day isn’t here quite yet, but that never stops The Hershey Corporation from a little bit of forward…