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These 5 Songs Will Pump Up Your Halloween Party

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This Toddler’s Costume Wins Halloween

Everyone is blown away by one little girl’s Halloween costume. Krystel Hwang (

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5 Shows That are Perfect to Binge-Watch for Halloween Week

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107.3 WEMJ,

Guess Who’s Killing It at the Box Office?

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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy’ Videos Are Still Pure Gold

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Coming Attractions: Taking it to the Max for ‘Halloween’

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Comedian Juston McKinney Has a Trick-or-Treating Message We Can All Get Behind

With election season already upon us, it’s important to find out the candidate with a message that most aligns…

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Virginia City Outlawing Trick-Or-Treaters Over the Age of 12, Threatening Jail Time For Those Brats

How’s this for a Halloween treat: if you’re over the age of 12 in Chesapeake, Virginia,…