A Star is Born

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

Warner Bros. is Re-Releasing ‘A Star Is Born’ With More Footage and More Songs

Can’t stop watching Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Oscar-night performance of “Shallow”? You’re in luck: Warner Bros. is bringing…

Box Office Roundup goo goo for gaga

Box Office Roundup: Goo Goo For Gaga

Was a new star born in the movie "A Star Is Born"? Lady Gaga's major motion picture debut took on the likes of Tom Hardy's anti-hero action epic "Venom", as well as returning films such as "Night School", "The Nun" and "Smallfoot". So, could "Star" take the #1 spot? Or did "Venom" leash out a lethal dose of poison on the long holiday weekend? To see how it all came out, watch "The Box Office Roundup" with special guest Doc from Frank 106.3 and NH1.com's "TV Trending"!

Coming Attractions Vemon A Star is Born

Coming Attractions: Will ‘Venom’ Deliver the Poison?

The long holiday weekend is bringing us two new big-time movies. We have a standalone Marvel franchise in the making in the anti-hero "Venom", with Tom Hardy playing the title role. Lady Gaga has dominated the music scene for years, plus the small screen as of late, and now the big screen is her biggest test in the fourth iteration of "A Star Is Born". Will audiences go goo-goo for Gaga? Will "Venom" be the antidote to the long Columbus Day weekend in theaters? It's "Coming Attractions" with special guest the Kaleman himself, Ken Cail of 107.7 The Pulse and 107.3 WEMJ!