arbor staff’s Restaurant Of The Week: Nashua’s Arbor Restaurant & Function Facility

The Arbor Restaurant is an American-style family restaurant serving up your favorite comfort foods, drinks, desserts and more! And they have KENO!

Located on Palm St., near downtown Nashua, the Arbor Restaurant also has a spacious function room perfect for parties and corporate events.

Function Room 2 Function Room

What sets The Arbor apart, and is one of the reasons they’ve been chosen as’s Restaurant of the Week, is their charmingly delicious menu. They have all your favorite comfort classics down; so much so that each one is named after someone.

Denise’s Chicken Parm. Missy’s Meatloaf, Ray’s Reuben, and Nana’s Turkey Dinner to name a few. Think about it – would you put your name next to something if you don’t personally guarantee its excellence? That’s how confident Denise is with her chicken parm.

And when they’re not putting names next to comfort classics, they’re reinvigorating them. Everybody knows and love’s Shephard’s Pie but once you’ve had one, you’ve generally had them all. Unless you turn it on its head, literally.

The Arbor’s delicious version is prepared and served upside down: homemade mashed potatoes, topped with corn, THEN they add mouthwatering short ribs, and smother it all in a house demi glaze.

upside down shepherds pie

Upside Down Shepherd’s Pie

Hungry yet?

Swing by today and it give the menu a test drive; at The Arbor you wont be disappointed. They’ll make a lasting culinary imprint on you, just as they have on southern New Hampshire.

For a limited time, get a $25 gift certificate to The Arbor Restaurant for just $15 right now on NH Dollar Saver. That’s a 40% discount to get some great food.


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