Salty Chihuahua

Nick’s Mix: The Drink of the Week is a Salty Chihuahua

Thanks for stopping by “Nick’s Mix”! Every Friday, we show you step-by-step how to make a new drink of the week.

This is video #3 on our 4-drink series focusing on tequila. Heads up, things are about to get salty. Watch how it’s done, and check back here for the recipe if you need it later.

Salty Chihuahua

½ Pint of ice

1½ oz. Tequila

5 oz. Lemonade

1 Container Coarse Salt

1 Lime

Start by filling your shaker about halfway with ice.

Pour 1½ oz. tequila into the shaker. Pour in 5 oz. lemonade.

Next, prepare a wedge of freshly sliced lime. Slide the lime onto the rim of the glass and slide it around the rim. Remove the lime and dip the top of your glass into the coarse salt.

Pour the contents of your shaker into your glass (no need to shake before you pour) and garnish with the fresh lime wedge. Enjoy anytime you need to bring a little extra attitude to the equation.

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As always, drink responsibly!

Nick Carpinelli

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