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WATCH: Documentary About NH’s ‘Betty And Barney Hill Incident’ Filmed on Location is Fascinating

‘The North Woods, ‘a documentary about the Betty and Barney Hill Incident, is absolutely fascinating. My only critique is that it was too short!

The famous “alien abduction” that occurred near Twin Mountain in Carroll, NH took place in 1961. It involved Betty and Barney Hill, a couple Portsmouth residents traveling on their way back from a Niagara Falls vacation.

Their story was turned into the book “The Interrupted Journey” in 1966, and a television movie called “The UFO Incident” in 1975.

The actual audio from Barney’s hypnosis session is chilling. His wife’s notes from the incident, including her famous alien star map, are in the safekeeping of UNH.

The historical market that you see in the film (referenced as relatively new) was set in 2011.


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