WATCH: Black Bear Family Swims Across Lake Winnipesaukee

Make way for black bears.

Breast-stroking black bears? Okay maybe not the breast-stroke, but swimming nonetheless.

A boater took a video of a mama black bear and two cubs swimming across Paugus Bay Monday morning.

Natalia Wylie posted the video to Facebook saying her husband spotted the bears while showing a demo boat to some customers.

“They got a nature show and an exciting and memorable boating experience!” Wylies said.

Black bears are known as good swimmers and do so typically in an effort for food, said the NH Fish and Game.

Officials also said that bears are probably drawn to the oak trees on some of the islands at the lake to feast on their acorns.

Currently, black bears are preparing for their winter hibernation.

Black bears will stay out as long as there’s food available but this year officials expect bears to go to sleep a little early this year, so sometime in late October.

If you do see a bear swimming, officials say to give them plenty of space as they are exerting a lot of energy to swim to their destination.