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Top Baby Names of 2018: Fruits and Vegetable Names Are Up 30%

According to Babycenter, baby names in the past year have more parents naming their offspring after stuff you’d find in the produce department in the grocery store. 

Some of the more popular names in 2018 were, Saffron, Kiwi, and Kale. Really? Kale? Uh-huh.

There was one name on the list northern New Englanders can probably get behind though, and that was Maple.

Each of these names were up 30% from a year ago. Other names that were more popular in 2018 were Clementine and Rosemary. Sage was on the rise at 15% for boys. 

Maybe in the future, baby names might branch out to other parts of the supermarket, like the Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product section. Hello, Velveeta!