drone in tree

This is What It Looks Like When Manchester Firefighters Have to Rescue a Guy Who Got Stuck in a Tree Trying to Get a Drone

Rescuers in New Hampshire have come to the aid of a man who got stuck dangling 60 feet (18 meters) high in a tree while trying to retrieve a drone.

Daniel Lacourse tells WMUR-TV the drone got caught in the tree at Lafayette Park in Manchester two weeks ago. Earlier efforts to free it didn’t work, so he borrowed a friend’s climbing gears, looked up “how to climb” on YouTube and went up the tree Wednesday.

Once he got up there, Lacourse was just hanging onto a rope and says he “just didn’t expect it to be so difficult and take so much endurance.” His friend called the fire department.

Firefighters used a ladder truck to secure Lacourse’s equipment and bring him back down.

Lacourse says he won’t try a climb like that again.