This Is What Happens When a Crowded Escalator Goes Berserk

It may be October, but the scariest video you’ll see today has nothing to do with Halloween. Imagine being stuck in a subway station, jammed together shoulder to shoulder with a crowd of strangers, like cattle being herded into a barn.

Think that sounds bad? It’s a stroll in the park compared to what happened next to dozens of people in Rome today. According to the BBC, more than 20 Russian soccer fans were injured this afternoon when an escalator malfunctioned in a Rome subway station.

Video footage shows the downward-traveling escalator speeding up to out-of-control levels, creating a pile of human wreckage at the bottom. Even the lucky few who were able to jump onto the median were treated to a tailbone bruising slide over the metal speed bumps.

At this time no fatalities have been reported from the incident, but there were several injuries – and word is at least one person suffered a partially severed foot.

Try not to think of this as you’re heading into Kenmore Station tonight after the Sox game. What a nightmare.