Real Life Grinch Disguised As Teacher Tells First-Graders Truth About Santa

I remember the day I caught my parents putting all the presents under the tree. I was about 11-years-old and they decided it was time for the truth about Santa. On that day, a little piece of my childhood died. #sadface

Although it was sad to learn the truth about Santa, at least it was my parents who taught me; not a substitute teacher like the one in New Jersey.

According to reports, a first-grade substitute teacher told an entire class that Santa Claus wasn’t real. Yikes, what a Grinch. Apparently bursting that bubble wasn’t good enough for the teacher as she went on to spill the beans on Reindeer not being able to fly, and truth about the tooth fairy.

As you can imagine the fall out from the incident was rather dramatic. The Principle of the school district sent out a letter to all the parents apologizing for the poor judgement on the teacher’s behalf.

One parent took to Facebook to show her displeasure and to offer advice to other parents in similar situations:

This was Emilia’s class today. A substitute teacher asked the kids which holiday was coming up and when somebody…

Posted by Lisa Simek on Thursday, November 29, 2018

How would you feel if your child’s first grade teacher did this? Is it her job to tell them the truth and ruin the magic of Christmas?

UPDATE: The substitute teacher has been fired.


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