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NH High School Freshman Told to Change Her MAGA Shirt Prior to School Event

An Epping High School student was told she had to remove her MAGA t-shirt by the school Principle.

According to Union Leader, the high school freshmen was told that her shirt was controversial because of the President, that she wasn’t in trouble, but that she needed to find a different shirt. It was thought that the shirt might make other students uncomfortable.

Students were encouraged to celebrate America pride on Monday so the teenager wore a shirt with the President of the United States on it.

The student’s parents and a school board chairman are concerned that this sort of action is a violation of a student’s First Amendment rights. They plan on discussing the issue at an upcoming school board meeting on April 18.


The school board is expected to discuss the principal’s decision to tell the student to remove or cover up her “Trump: Make America Great Again” T-shirt.

Epping High School freshman Ciretta MacKenzie said she was taken out of class April 8 by her principal, Brian Ernest. The 15-year-old told NECN that he said, “‘We don’t want church and state being mixed, and that (President Donald) Trump is very controversial and we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.'”

MacKenzie said she put on a sweatshirt over the T-shirt. By the end of the week, Ernest apologized and said school officials have started to draft a plan to “move forward to promote civil discourse and diversity” in school.

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