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NFL Championship Predictions: Pats vs Chiefs, Rams vs Saints

The most exciting final four that doesn’t include the month of March or basketball is here. Championship Sunday is approaching, and the cities of New Orleans and Kansas City are pumped! The Saints haven’t been to the NFC title game since the 2009 season, where it took OT to defeat Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings, 31-28.

In their way are the Los Angeles Rams, who haven’t played in the NFC Championship game as the LA Rams since they were humiliated by the San Francisco 49ers, 30-3. The last time the Rams won the NFC was the 2001 season, when they were the St. Louis Rams. And where was that Super Bowl two weeks later in February 2002?….New Orleans, who happen to host Sunday’s NFC Championship!

Now on to the AFC title game, where the reigning, defending, undisputed AFC Champ New England Patriots travel to one of the toughest places to play, Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City to battle the Chiefs. New England hasn’t won a road AFC Championship game since the 2004 season, winning 41-27 in Pittsburgh.

For KC, this is their first AFC title game since the 1993 season, a 30-13 loss to the Buffalo Bills. In fact, this is the first AFC Championship game that Kansas City is hosting, and just the second appearance overall. Something’s gotta give.

So who is punching tickets to the ATL in early February? Ken and Jay Dawg from 107.7 The Pulse and 107.3 WEMJ (and Starting Lineup action figures in tow), to predict who’s going to win on Sunday

Jay Dawg

Born, raised and living in the capital city of Concord all of his life, Jason ‘Jay Dawg’ Arsenault has been in radio since January 2001, at the behest of his reading teacher at Concord High School. What started as just producing college and high school games and NASCAR races a couple days a week, it soon became clear that Arsenault had a talented voice to bring on the air. So, along with producing pro and college sports in the mid-2000’s, came newscasts and sportscasts that impressed many to the point of no longer working just two to three days a week, but everyday! From pet shows to sports shows and food shows, Dawg was, and still continues to be in demand as a producer and on-air talent!