lobster wars

It’s USA vs Canada in ‘Lobster War’ The Fight Over the World’s Richest Fishing Grounds

Love me a good documentary, especially with a localized topic.

Here we have a fishing documentary about the last land border dispute between Canada and the United States is playing at the New Hampshire Film Festival this weekend. The movie can be seen twice, once on Friday, October 13 at the Music Hall, and the second time at 3S Artspace.

It’s about the trouble brewing between lobstermen from both countries, jockeying for the same bountiful waters. This area is known as Machias Seal Island, and the United States and Canada both lay claim to it.

As noted in the film’s trailer:

“Machias Seal Island belongs to the United States by virtue of the 1783 Treaty of Peace. The United States also continues to claim the waters around the island.” – US State Department

“Machias Seal Island and the surrounding waters are Canadian.” – Global Affairs Canada

Yikes! I’ve come across a few lobstermen in my days and they are not ones to mess with. We could be previewing the next World War…over lobsters!

The movie is gaining a lot of buzz, and will be a popular one at the 2018 NH Film Festival.



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