INTERVIEW: Governor Sununu On NH’s Historic Lawsuit Against Chemical Companies

New Hampshire is suing eight companies including 3M and Dupont for damage it says has been caused statewide by a class of potentially toxic chemicals found in everything from pizza boxes to fast-food wrappers.

The state becomes the second in the nation to go after the makers of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS and the first to target statewide contamination.

The two lawsuits filed this week by New Hampshire accuse some of the companies of knowing about potential dangers for decades.

98.1 WTSN’S Mike Pomp spoke to NH Governor Chris Sununu about the historic lawsuit on News Talk 98.1 WTSN.

Mike Pomp

Mike Pomp is a broadcast veteran of New Hampshire with over for over five decades covering news and politics. He was recently awarded the 2016 New Hampshire Air Personality of the Year (his second award) and the 2009 New Hampshire Broadcaster of the Year by the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters.