Coming Attractions with Jay Dawg – A Wrestling Biopic, Animated Dragons, and a Sibling Sports Drama

Coming Attractions with Jay Dawg from WTPL 107.7 The Pulse and 107.3 WEMJ with special guest Nazzy from 98.3 LNH – NH's Big Variety!

Posted by NH1 on Thursday, February 21, 2019

Just before the Academy Awards arrives on Sunday by closing the book on 2018 in film, it’s a box-office battle between a wrestling biopic, an animated sequel and a sibling sports drama.  

‘Fighting With My Family’ was released in select theaters last week, but nationwide this week. 

Trying to lay the smackdown on it is ‘How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World,’ which is the third installment in the Dragon Cinematic Universe. But is it the last? 

Speaking of trying to keep up in the race to keep pace with these two other action movies is the sports drama ‘Run The Race.’

So get your popcorn and come up with a great wrestling catchphrase, it’s the ‘Coming Attractions’, with this week’s special guest Nazzy of 98-3 LNH.  

Jay Dawg

Born, raised and living in the capital city of Concord all of his life, Jason ‘Jay Dawg’ Arsenault has been in radio since January 2001, at the behest of his reading teacher at Concord High School. What started as just producing college and high school games and NASCAR races a couple days a week, it soon became clear that Arsenault had a talented voice to bring on the air. So, along with producing pro and college sports in the mid-2000’s, came newscasts and sportscasts that impressed many to the point of no longer working just two to three days a week, but everyday! From pet shows to sports shows and food shows, Dawg was, and still continues to be in demand as a producer and on-air talent!