Bagel Beef: No Matter What You Do, Someone Will Have a Problem With It

Here’s just another indication that no matter what you do, someone will have a problem with it.

A guy named Alek Krautmann brought two boxes of bagels into work. Nice guy, right? Well, maybe not because most of the internet seems to hate him right now. But, why?

Krautmann tweeted a picture of the open Panera boxes with the caption, “Today I introduced my coworkers to the St. Louis secret of ordering bagels bread sliced. It was a hit!”

Instead of a whole bagel, or each being sliced in half, either way, these bagels are sliced like you would find a loaf of bread…and people are SHOOK!

One person tweeted, quote, “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

One guy is pretty sure Krautmann should be fired.

And this…well, this wins the internet for me.

Would just ANYONE slice bagels like this? All willy-nilly? The answer is, “NO!”

“St. Louis style?” The fine people of St. Louis are denying any connection to bagels cut like this.

(Is she trying to date this guy?)


Panera has Krautmann’s back though. They Tweeted, “next time bagels are on us, sliced however you’d like.”

I think this is brilliant! You’ve got 12 bagels for 20 people, hoping that everyone will take just a half. But no, Tim in Accounting is greedy and you know he will take a whole bagel AND stick another in his pocket for later.

Even though Susan in Purchasing is Keto strict, she has been known to take a whole bagel back to her dog Sasha.

Oh and look out for Tina in Research and Development…she has a habit of ripping a piece off with her filthy hands.

When bringing bagels to the office for co-workers to share, it really does make more sense to have them sliced like this. Even if it does look like a carbohydrated crime scene.

Tara Madison

Tara, a born entertainer, started shining her light in Connecticut, beginning her radio career in 1991. She's always looked at radio as her opportunity to spread the good word and bring people together. Tara has taken the experiences of her life to different communities in her home state, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Vermont (including upstate New York and Montreal), South Carolina and now to New Hampshire. An advocate for women, children and those in recovery, Tara is very passionate about working with organizations like the American Heart Association, Go Red For Women, the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, March For Babies, The Boys and Girls Club, and domestic violence / crisis centers. Tara is considered an inspiration to many, as a career woman, and a mother. She has been featured in articles about powerful women and enjoys being a motivational speaker for groups of all sizes. Tara is also a National Voice Over Artist and focuses her business recording automated voice mail systems for large nationwide corporations, small locally owned companies, and everything in between. Her primary job though, is as a wife and mother. Tara shares her life with her husband, Douglas. Together, they have 8 children; 7 boys and a little girl. (Yes, she will have trouble dating . . ) A title that she has recently added: Gigi. Tara's oldest son and his fiancee welcomed a baby boy in 2019. Her home is complete with a dog, Edelman, and two cats, Whisky and Tonic.