nh1 i-95 outdoor billboard

Reach commuters and travelers on the I-95 corridor between Massachusetts and Maine with the ONLY digital billboard on Route I-95 in New Hampshire!

Why use the NH1 I-95 Outdoor Billboard?

  • The Billboard delivers over 840,000 impressions per week! (Geopath, 2018)
  • And sees an average of 46,500 cars per day (NH DOT, 2015)
  • Peak traffic times can see as many as 60,000 cars a day and as many as 5,000 cars in just one hour! (The High Hour Report, NHDOT 2015)
  • 8 slides are available and each slide receives over 105,000 impressions per week (Geopath, 2018)
  • Less than 400′ from inside northbound travel lane
  • Posted Highway Speed is 55 mph; at speed limit in contact zone = excellent dwell time
  • During some summer months hours more than 5,000 cars per hour pass the billboard, and speeds drop to less than 40 mph in the contact zone

Interested in NH1 I-95 Outdoor Billboard? Contact Matt Lyman at (603) 856-3325 or [email protected] to find out more!