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Red Sox Fan Gets Absolutely Leveled While Running on the Field

You can't even get mad at this guy. We've all wanted to do this. Okay, maybe not all of us, but most of us. This guy did it in 2011 and it never gets old.

Actually going through and executing this takes guts. A lot of guts. And this guy did it. Nothing beats getting wasted at the Red Sox game, running on the field, and getting absolutely smoked by one of the security guards. In my eyes, you're a legend (okay don't yell at me).

When I used to live in Boston, there was a day at Fenway where they opened the ballpark to the public and let us walk all the way around the warning track. I talked to one of the security guards and legitimately asked him what the consequences of running on the field were during a game. He told me that you get a lifetime ban, you get fined thousands of dollars, a trespassing charge against you, and he said you get a free ride to the Roxbury County Jail (NICE!). He did advise that if you're going to do it, DON'T do it on a Friday night or weekend..... because you apparently can't get in front of a judge until Monday. Who knows if that's even true or not...I've never been arrested (knock on wood) so I wouldn't know. Worth all the charges? Probably not. Worth telling this story to you're grand kids when you're 75? Absolutely.