Crazy Raccoon Scales a Building Like Spider-Man, Jumps Off, Falls 9 Stories, and Somehow Still Survives

Lets break this down a little bit as there’s a lot of stuff going through my mind.

  1. Why was he climbing the building, and specifically, this building?
  2. How in the heck did this raccoon survive this?

Falling from this high up is terrifying. Falling from any height is terrifying! I can’t even climb a ladder 20 feet without freaking out. It’s a natural instinct for a raccoon to climb (sometimes trees, higher-up places), but there must have been something he wanted at the top. Perhaps a cheeseburger or food. I know I would climb for that. Just saying…

When I watched this video I honestly thought that was the end for the poor thing. All I have to say is that this guy stuck the landing. 10/10 performance. Luckily that sand was there!