Tara Madison


Let This Internet Robot Create Your Uplifting-Quotes-On-Cool-Pictures Facebook Posts

Everyone has that one friend that is constantly posting uplifting, motivational quotes to social media. Some days you feel…

barf bag

This Amazing Love Letter Written on an Airplane Barf Bag Needs a Perfect Ending

I love Reddit. It is such a time-sucker for me. Like I have nothing better to do than to…

squirrel eating egg roll

This Video of a Squirrel Eating an Egg Roll is Everything You Need to See Today

Everyone loves to see little animals eat big people food and this video of a squirrel eating an egg…

window cvs receipt

The Guy Who Used a CVS Receipt to Replace a Vertical Blind on His Window Deserves All the Accolades

This is too good. A guy in Ohio replaced a broken vertical blind with a CVS receipt.

burger king

Get a Burger King Whopper For a Penny, You Just Have to Go to McDonald’s For It

Burger King just started a new promotion yesterday where you can get a Whopper for just ONE CENT …..


We’ve Been Eating Burgers Wrong Just Look How Much Better This Way Is

How old were you when you learned you’re supposed to eat burgers upside down? It actually makes so much sense…

hostess cereal

Post Brand Cereals Keep Releasing Hit After Hit, Donettes and Honey Bun Cereals Are Here

Cereal is getting yummier and yummier. Last June, Post brought back Oreo O’s cereal. Then, at…

shirazz on shelf

Move Over ‘Elf On the Shelf,’ It’s Time For Mommy’s ‘Shiraz On The Shelf’

Forget about “Elf on the Shelf,” that mischievous little fun-sucker. Dena Blizzard, aka “One Funny Mother” came up with a…

Robert Craig Davis

Guy Uses Remote Control License Plate Blocker To Avoid Tolls

This is some real life James Bond stuff right here. A guy in Miami, Florida avoids tolls in the SunPass…

12 days of christmas

Two Guys Act Out ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ in Over-the-Top Hilarious Fashion

Two guys act out the Twelve Days of Christmas in over-the-top hilarious fashion. Dude on the left knows exactly how…