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pringles thanksgiving

Get Pringles ‘Thanksgiving Dinner in a Can’ and Tell the Family You’ll Cook This Year

Get your Thanksgiving dinner in a can!! Do you remember when Pringles came out with this brilliant idea to make…

cvs receipt

CVS Receipts Are Always Preposterously Long and This Woman Got a 6-Foot One

CVS has a reputation for giving you RIDICULOUSLY long receipts, and the world knows it. In fact, people have…

man eating soup

Watch This Barbarian Eat Soup From the Ladle At a Salad Bar

This is all sorts of bad. Bad that there is a dude eating soup right from the ladle at a…

winning Halloween

This Toddler’s Costume Wins Halloween

Everyone is blown away by one little girl’s Halloween costume. Krystel Hwang (


Suspicious Package in North Carolina Turns Out to Be Awesome 80’s Band Cassette Tape

After last week, obviously no one’s going to take a chance when a suspicious package arrives. The Duke Energy Building…

pink with willow

P!nk and Her Daughter’s Amazing Cover of The Greatest Showman’s ‘A Million Dreams’

It’s obvious that singer P!nk was meant to be a mom. The photos and videos she shares to social…

baby shark toddler

Watch This 2-Year-Old’s Reaction When Alexa Finally Plays ‘Baby Shark’ For Her

When a toddler is serious about having Alexa play “Baby Shark,” this is what happens. In a video posted to…

cheese grater

Mind Officially Blown: We’ve All Been Using the Cheese Grater Wrong

Suddenly, I am realizing that I am using most every one of my kitchen utensils/appliances/gadgets wrong. A couple of months…


Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

Everybody needs a hand sometimes! Thankfully, we’ve got The Friends Program to help out! Tara…

giant spider

Camera Tricks: This Spider Looks Man-Eatingly Big in Police Dashcam Footage

This could be the best video of a traffic stop that I’ve ever seen.     First,…