Tara Madison

carry things in bra

Woman on Ellen Shows Off Hilarious Talent of Carrying Literally Anything in Her Bra

Ladies, how many times have you spent hours getting ready for a night out? Making sure your hair is…

shaving legs

Check Out This Lady Shaving Her Legs While Riding a Motorcycle

This guy has a chick with a Schick on the back of his bike! Check out this lady shaving her…

ice fishing

NH Fish and Game’s Important Ice Fishing Dos and Don’ts

‘Tis the season for ice fishing. Even the more seasonal anglers could fall through the ice. If this happens,…

finger on phone

Good News For Drunk Texters! You Can Now Unsend Messages on Facebook Messenger

You’ve heard of drunk texting. Drunk messaging of any kind is pretty much a thing for some people. If…

old man slip

WATCH: Old Man Fakes a Fall For Insurance Fraud And Doesn’t Even Sell Out On the Move

Brace yourself. This is amazing. Let me begin with the fine print: If you’re thinking about committing insurance fraud; don’t….

cheese wheel

Costco Loves Cheese So Much They Now Have This 72-Pound Wheel of Parmesan For Sale

Costco has done it again! Remember a couple of months ago, they came out with the bucket…

kid snowbrush

VIDEO: Don’t Have a Snow Brush? Use Your Kid Like This Guy

Don’t have a snow brush? Use your kid like this guy! The surface area a small child covers is…

tinfoil ball

The Price And Description For This Tinfoil Ball For Sale in Windham is Laugh Out Loud Funny

There’s an up-and-coming artist in Windham, NH whom you should know about. A “one-of-a-kind ball” made of aluminum foil is…

plank wars

WATCH: Two Neighbors Fighting With Wooden Planks As Weapons is Pretty Funny

There’s a saying you’ve heard; “love thy neighbor”. Sometimes though, it’s pretty impossible to love thy neighbor, especially when…

heinz caviar

Heinz Made a Ketchup Caviar For Valentine’s Day Because Caviar Isn’t Gross Enough

This is BRILLIANT!!!!!! Valentine’s Day, or as Heinz calls it, Valen-HEINZ Day is just around the corner, and to celebrate,…