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Fountain of Youth: How Going to Concerts Can Add Years to Your Life

Your favorite band is coming to town and you are stoked! You know every word to every song on every album and you sing them so loudly without a care in the world. That makes you happy, right? Yes, of course it does. Listening to your favorite music, especially live in concert, is good for your well-being. It's better for you than 20 minutes of yoga, or even walking your dog, according to a study conducted by researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London. In fact, it could add years to your life. Researchers gave 60 participants a psychometric test before performing one of three activities: Going to a music concert, taking a yoga class and walking their dog. They found that those who went to the concert had a 21 percent boost in mood, while those who took a yoga class only saw a 10 percent increase. Those who walked their dogs only had a rise of 7 in happiness. "Our research showcases the profound impact gigs have on feelings of health, happiness and well-being – with fortnightly or regular attendance being the key," said Patrick Fagan, an expert in behavioral science and associate lecturer at Goldsmith’s University in London. It seems silly to even have an actual study to find a link between listening to music and happiness. There have been many, including a couple in 2011 that were published in Nature Neuroscience and Psychology Today. The studies found that listening to music increased dopamine levels — a chemical that enhances mood. Need to add years to your life? Sign up for chance to win tickets to an upcoming concert in the area from one of our radio stations.

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The Most Googled Wildlife Photo in New Hampshire Stinks, Literally

No it is not wildlife that we see all the time like the turkey, or one we hear screeching at night like the fisher cat. New Hampshire's most googled wildlife photo according to RealScience.com is on the boring side. It's the stink bug. Meanwhile states like D.C. and Iowa are googling the praying mantis, and Alabama is on the hunt for pictures of a luna moth.    


Real Life Nightmare: Hunter Stuck in Mud For 33 Hours in New Hampshire Swamp

An elderly hunter has been rescued after being stuck in the mud for 33 hours in a New Hampshire swamp. The Fish and Game Department says the 79-year-old hunter from Lebanon had not returned home from a waterfowl hunting trip Tuesday evening. Two Vermont game wardens and three New Hampshire conservation officers searched the Connecticut River by boat and a large wooded swamp nearby in Haverhill. They found the man around 4 p.m. Wednesday, submerged up to his neck in the swamp. They were able to get him out of the mud. The man had hypothermia and was exposed to heavy overnight rain. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation. He told officials he went into the swamp Tuesday morning to retrieve a duck he shot and became stuck. Never forget. via GIPHY

Rivalry Update: ‘We Want Boston’ Chant Breaks Out in Yankee Stadium

"We want Boston." 👀 pic.twitter.com/GXbDQ3d9ik — MLB (@MLB) October 4, 2018 Is the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry dead? You tell me after watching all of Yankee stadium chant "We want Boston!" after they smoked the A's 7-2. The Red Sox have not faired well the past few postseasons even after winning the division. I hope they're ready for the Bronx Bombers; I know fans are. Game 1 of the ALDS is Friday night from Fenway; first pitch scheduled for 7:30pm. Let's go sox!

Apple Harvest Day

Dover’s Apple Harvest Day: The Seacoast’s Premier Fall Event

The Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce is presenting the 34th Annual Apple Harvest Day this Saturday October 6th in downtown Dover. Apple Harvest Day is a day-long family event, featuring over 400 vendors, great food, live entertainment, and kicks off with the 10th Annual Apple Harvest Day 5k Run and Walk at 8:30 along River Street in Dover. Apple Harvest Day was first held in 1985 and now draws more than 60,000 people to the City of Dover's downtown, making it one of the most popular regional festivals. 98.1 WTSN's Mike Pomp had a chance to speak to the President of the Chamber Katie MacKinnon, the Community Events Manager Morgan Faustino and Jean Tremblay, the Chair of the Apple Harvest Day Committee. Dover Chamber Committee Members https://nh1.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/APPLE-HARVEST-DAY-2018.mp3

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Man Dancing to Michael Jackson is the Person We All Want to Be in Public

Slide on over Michael Jackson, this guy is here to stay. I would give up ranch dressing for the rest…

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Do-nut Miss Out on Harpoon and Dunkin’s Beer Collaboration This October

If you’re a fan of iced coffees and beer, then Dunkin Donuts and Harpoon has a special treat for you this month. The two beverage companies have teamed up for “Dunkin Porter Coffee." It’s available in select stores and bars. Boston-based Harpoon said the beer “has a smooth mouthfeel with aromas of espresso and dark chocolate." The beer is 6 percent ABV and a six pack comes in a glass 12 oz. bottle in Dunkin’s orange and pink colors. To find out where you can buy Dunkin’ Porter Coffee, you can go to Harpoon’s beer finder.


Is Finding Food on the Handle of a Microwave Track No. 1 on Repulsive’s Greatest Hits?

Folks, I just walked into the office kitchen to nuke up some homemade fontina-stuffed arancini (humble brag) and found…

Toddler Duo As ‘Slinky Dog’ From Toy Story is Halloween Handmade Excellence

We have an early leader in the clubhouse for best toddler Halloween costume this year. It's these two kiddos wearing a Slinky Dog costume from the “Toy Story” movies. View this post on Instagram “Who’s behind?......Mine” - Slinky Dog (Toy Story 2) 🤣 When we decided to go to Mickey’s Halloween Party at @Disneyland as Toy Story characters I knew immediately that I wanted the babies to be Slinky Dog! It took several months of brainstorming and planning to bring my vision to life. Thanks to all of the family who helped us figure out how to pull it off! 🙌🏻 . Special thanks to @audreysnursery for helping with the costumes and to Hamm’s cousin Audrey for being the tail! 💙 . . . . . #toystory #slinky #disneyside #disneybaby #disneygram #disney #pixar #disneylove #instadisney #ohmydisney #disneysmmc #disnerd #disneyfamily #disneyweekend #disneyland #disneycaliforniaadventure #pixarfest #pixarpier #shopdisney #disneydad #disneygramers #cutebabyboy #disneypic #igdisney #disneylandresort #toystory2 #californiaadventure #myhandsomelittlehamm #disneymom @theellenshow @disneyfamily @disneybaby @9gag @pixar A post shared by Tucker (@toystorydad) on Sep 27, 2018 at 1:05pm PDT The costumes were all handmade; something I can relate to. My wife loves to dress my son and I alike. It started years ago when I was the special guest emcee for the Circus at the SNHU Arena in Manchester. It’s a tradition that continues to this day. Even when we take our holiday pictures, she carefully lays out our outfits so that we match. I love it! Just look how happy my son and I are.


UK Students Are Rallying For Jazz Hands Over Clapping Because It’s Nicer, Wait What?

The student union at the University of Manchester in England have reportedly passed a new resolution that has banned clapping at events. The students were worried that people with anxiety and sensory issues would be bothered by the noise of clapping and "whooping." What will they do instead? Well, students are now encouraged to use "jazz hands" to show their approval instead. The motion needed a 66% majority to pass and there was "little opposition." Jazz hands seem to fit the bill. So please, hold your applause.