dad dragging daughter

Nobody Wants to Leave the Airport Faster Than This Dad Dragging His Daughter By Her Coat

We’ve all been there! Travel can be very exhausting with long lines, and long waits in those long lines….

corgi in snow

Watch This Fearless Corgi Hop Like a Rabbit Back to Owners Through Deep Snow

Speaking from first hand experience, sometimes it’s not easy being short. Things on the top shelf are always out of…

buttress pillow

This ‘Bootyful’ Pillow in the Shape of a Butt Will Make You ‘Crack’ a Smile

I don’t know about you, but my pillow never gives me the neck support that I need. I find myself…

adam sandler chris farley

WATCH: Adam Sandler Pays Tribute to Chris Farley With New Song in Netflix Special

December 18th, 2018 marked 21 years since we lost a comedic genius – Chris Farley. Hard to believe it’s…

snowmen fighting

Inflatable Snowmen Brawling Outside a Taco Bell Really Puts Things in Perspective

Two inflatable snowmen in front of a Taco Bell in Oregon felt the full effect of…

tree wrapping machine

WATCH: Holiday Halfwit Runs Himself Through a Christmas Tree Wrapping Machine For Laughs

Tis the season for some holiday shenanigans! Some men working at a Christmas tree lot decided to have a little…

santa falling

Watch This Santa’s Hilarious Attempt At Jumping Off a Boat to Deliver Presents

Hey, sometimes even Santa gets “tangled up” in his work! A first responder dressed as Santa got tangled up in…

buddy the elf

Holiday Drinking Just Got More Fun With This ‘Elf’ Movie Drinking Game

I’m not much of a drinker. Some would consider me a lightweight when it comes to alcohol but this…

bacon pancake pizza

Pancake & Bacon Pizza? Sure, Only If It’s Served As a Giant Slice For the Table

Listen, I’d consider myself an open minded kind of guy…I kept my opinion to my self when people started…

dog petting

Petting a Dog Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Via the ‘Pet Effect’

Sometimes when it’s been “one of those days,” like when your car breaks down, you get to work late,…