nfl bad lip reading

NFL’s Latest ‘A Bad Lip Reading’ Video is All Sorts of Hilarious

Without a doubt, this is the BEST NFL ‘Bad Lip Reading’ yet! If you haven’t had a chance to…

==baby’s New Contest is All About Making Babies After the Super Bowl

Remember a few years back for Super Bowl 50, the NFL released a video featuring various groups of ‘Super…

911 operator

LISTEN: 911 Operator Helping a Boy With His Pesky Math Homework Is the Cutest Emergency of All Time

Our dispatchers never know what the next call might be.They train for many emergency situations, homework help is not one they plan for. We don't recommend 911 for homework help but this dispatcher helped a young boy out and brightened his [email protected] @apbweb @wlfi @WTHRcom — LafayetteINPolice (@LafayetteINPD) January 25, 2019 I have to say, I am impressed with how patient this 911 operator was when a boy called to…

price is right

WATCH: Price is Right Contestant Nearly Misses Chance Because of Bathroom Break

😂 Bad time to take a bathroom break! — The Price Is Right (@PriceIsRight)…

matchsticks on tongue

This Guy Just Set the Record For Most Matchsticks Extinguished on the Tongue

I love when people do complete “extraordinary” feats, especially Guinness World Records. My only question is, how do they…

snow removal

WATCH: Woman Clearing Snow From Her Windshield While Driving During Rush Hour is Clearly in a Hurry

Pretty sure this woman in Canada is breaking the law. She was caught on video with her left arm…

bald eagle

WATCH: Thieving Bald Eagle Steals Fresh Catch From Maine Fisherman

What’s the old saying? “Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day….

service dog cinderella

WATCH: Service Dog Meets Cinderella at Disneyland And the Cutest Cuddling Ensues

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or how many legs you have: Disney characters have a…

baby escalator

WATCH: Heroic Man Runs to Rescue Infant Falling Down An Escalator

It’s so easy to judge other parents when they’re not paying attention to their…

amber roberts disney

Disney Fan Has Magical Reunion With ‘Snow White’ Whom She Visited Many Times As a Kid

There are some that believe all Disney does is take your money. Let’s be honest, it’s not cheap to…