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pizza hut

Toyota and Pizza Hut Join Forces to Create a ‘Pizza Truck’ Right Out of a Dream

How’s this for a great idea: Toyota has created a truck that has a pizza kitchen in the bed…

dead butt syndrome

Here’s How to Avoid ‘Dead Butt Syndrome’ at the Office

Do a lot of sitting at the office or even at home? Watch out, you…

ai painting

This Painting Made By a Computer Just Sold For $400k, Are Human Artists on the Hot Seat?

Art: they say it’s objective. So, who is to say what is art and what…

natty light

6 Winning Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make From Empty Natty Light Boxes

If you don’t have your Halloween costume nailed down yet, don’t fret, Natty Light has…

No More Weed in Canada Two Days After Drug Becomes Legal

As you may recall, last week in Canada, recreational weed became legal, and it looks like the suppliers and…

flu shot

New National Survey Says More Than Half of Parents Believe Flu Shot Causes the Flu

Here’s some worrisome stats: according to a new national survey of 700 parents, more than half think that the…

eggnog vodka

This New Eggnog Vodka Will Knock Your Holiday Socks Off

Just when you were getting used to pumpkin spiced everything, hang onto your taste buds because vodka producer Three…

trick or treat

Virginia City Outlawing Trick-Or-Treaters Over the Age of 12, Threatening Jail Time For Those Brats

How’s this for a Halloween treat: if you’re over the age of 12 in Chesapeake, Virginia,…

bud light victory fridge

You Can Now Buy Your Very Own Cleveland Browns Bud Light ‘Victory Fridge’

Even if you’re a Patriots fan, you should be able to appreciate this. The Cleveland Browns have now won TWO games…


UK Students Are Rallying For Jazz Hands Over Clapping Because It’s Nicer, Wait What?

The student union at the University of Manchester in England have reportedly passed a new resolution that has banned clapping at events. The students were worried that people with anxiety and sensory issues would be bothered by the noise of clapping and "whooping." What will they do instead? Well, students are now encouraged to use "jazz hands" to show their approval instead. The motion needed a 66% majority to pass and there was "little opposition." Jazz hands seem to fit the bill. So please, hold your applause.