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Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? One Survey Tries to End the Debate

The debate on whether the movie Die Hard is or isn’t a Christmas movie has been going on for…

baby vegetables

Top Baby Names of 2018: Fruits and Vegetable Names Are Up 30%

According to Babycenter, baby names in the past year have more parents naming…

doggy daycare drinking

Nebraska Doggy Daycare Gets Liquor License, Now Combines Two Great Things: Drinking and Dogs

Here’s great news for dog owners in Omaha Nebraska, a doggy daycare has been granted a liquor license. Yup, now…


New Study Says People Who Live In Cold Climates Drink More, Also the Sky is Blue

A new study from the University of Pittsburgh finds that people who live in frigid places…


Moon Rocks! Get Your Moon Rocks Here! Auction to Feature Space Item For $1M

Moon rocks! Get your moon rocks here! That’s right, if you happen to have an extra $1 million around the…


BBC Kids’ Show Refers to Snowmen as ‘Snowpeople’ and People Are Mad Online

Many parents across the pond in England are angry at a children’s show and think political correctness has gone…

sky-space-dark-galaxy 1

MIT Study Says We Could Get Attention Of Aliens With Powerful Laser

A new study from the brainiacs at MIT say by shooting a laser beam into space we might be

smoking cigarettes

Canada is Trying to Put Cancer Warning Labels on Every Cigarette

By now, we all know that smoking is bad for you, and we don’t have…

pizza hut

Toyota and Pizza Hut Join Forces to Create a ‘Pizza Truck’ Right Out of a Dream

How’s this for a great idea: Toyota has created a truck that has a pizza kitchen in the bed…

dead butt syndrome

Here’s How to Avoid ‘Dead Butt Syndrome’ at the Office

Do a lot of sitting at the office or even at home? Watch out, you…