Tara Madison
Tara Madison

Tara, a born entertainer, started shining her light in Connecticut, beginning her radio career in 1991. She's always looked at radio as her opportunity to spread the good word and bring people together. Tara has taken the experiences of her life to different communities in her home state, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Vermont (including upstate New York and Montreal), South Carolina and now to New Hampshire. Tara was brought to the granite state in 2016 after the sudden passing of her father. An advocate for women and children, Tara enjoys working with organizations like the American Heart Association, 'Go Red For Women,' the American Cancer Society, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, March For Babies, The Boys and Girls Club, and domestic violence / crisis centers. Tara is considered an inspiration to many, as a career woman, and a mother. She has been featured in articles about powerful women and enjoys being a motivational speaker for groups of all sizes. Tara is also a National Voice Over Artist and has a fairly good sized business recording automated voice mail systems for companies nationwide. Her primary job though, is as a wife and mother. Tara shares her life with her soulmate, Douglas. Together, they have 8 children; 7 boys and a little girl they welcomed in early 2016. Their home is complete with a dog, Tanner, and a cat, Whisky. Tara can be heard on 105.5 JYY.

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