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swimsuit models

You’ll Have to Wait a Few Months For The Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue This Year

Since 1964 the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has been on newsstands in February.

hyundai walking car

Hyundai Sees Your Self-Driving Car, Raises You a Walking One

Looks like the future is here. The engineers at Hyundai have come up with a car…

busch gardens

You Get Two Free Beers Just For Walking in the Door at this Florida Animal-Themed Park

Free Beer! Those two words always get your attention don’t they? That’s what the people at Busch Gardens in Florida…

do it yourself

This Often Ridiculed Generational Group is Most Likely to Pursue a DIY Project

Do you love those D.I.Y. shows on TV? You know, the ones where they take…


Pedialyte Has Unveiled a New Hangover Helper That’s Just For Adults

Did you struggle with a nasty hangover the first day of 2019? Well, maybe you should’ve tried the new…

Jeff Bridges

Chicago’s ‘Big Lebowski’-Themed Bar Has Hilarious Named Drinks Like ‘STFU, Donny’

Are you a fan of the movie the Big Lebowski? Well, then you need to…

fast car

Gentlemen, Start Your…Rockets? New ‘Car’ Could Go 1000 MPH

The British Bloodhound SSC project went bankrupt back in October, but now, entrepreneur Ian Warhurst has stepped…


Americans Looking to Move to Another State Choose This Warm One Over Any Other

According to a new survey from LendingTree, Florida is the state people are…


Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? One Survey Tries to End the Debate

The debate on whether the movie Die Hard is or isn’t a Christmas movie has been going on for…

baby vegetables

Top Baby Names of 2018: Fruits and Vegetable Names Are Up 30%

According to Babycenter, baby names in the past year have more parents naming…