Amy Ryan

About me

Hi! My name is Amy, and I have a gambling problem. Oh wait, wrong website! LOL Ok, I only have a gambling problem when I go to casinos alone! Seriously though, thanks for stopping by to read all about me! I've been on the radio since 1994! I've worked in OH, VT, IN, RI, NH, and since 2004, Maine! Wow, that's a long time to be doing one thing I guess. 

When I'm not working, I enjoy getting out, meeting new people, trying different foods, working out, taking spontaneous road trips, doing karaoke, and hanging with friends! I'm also a new homeowner, so I'm sure all of the above activities will come to a halt, and I'll start doing "homeowner" things! I also have 2 cats, Charlie and Oliver, who, you probably know well, thanks to all my Facebook posts!


I really appreciate good country music and the people who listen to it! And if I haven't met you yet, looking forward to it!