Ramblin' Ray Stevens

About me

Ramblin' Ray Stevens was destined to be in 'Radio' just ask his mom Pat, who bought him his first Mr. Microphone at age eight. Ray was always imitating Larrry Lujack from WLS who he listened to as a kid. When riding in the car with his dad back then, Ray wasn't singing along with the songs on the radio he was pretending to be introducing them! Apparently that was fun for Ray, and not so much fun for the rest of the family on road trips.

Ray's radio career started out in 1987 when a local Program Director needed a nice car for a local parade. In typical Chicago fashion, Ray made a deal; he told that programmer, you can use my car (a 1987 Mustang Convertible) if I can have a weekend air shift. The deal was done and Ray has been on the air ever since.

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