What Do You Do With the Bread's End Piece? An Investigation

What do you do with the end of a loaf of bread: Throw it away or use it?


The question was posed on Facebook and I thought I would get one answer or the other, do a tally and then post the results. Once again, the listeners surprised me. They didn't just give me a yes or no answer, but instead told me what they did with it.

People call the end of the bread different things, depending on their upbringing. Some call it simply "the end." Names range from: crust, the heel, butt or butt-end.

Others are got more creative: the nose, stub, and devil's end. The response to this "survey" was interesting. Most people just eat the end piece, others break it up and feed it to the birds, or some feed it to their bunny because she loves it. 

I only found one person who said that it gets thrown away. This would not bode will with those who say they were taught not to waste any food. 

One person said the end piece is called the "toe board." Interesting. I've never heard that one. 

Tracy Vesper makes it into garlic croutons, Donna Ayers says they make great hot dog buns and Donna Branch said her mom used to put them in the cookie jar to keep them fresh. (Seems like a cruel trick to disguise bread as a cookie).

Darleen Smallwood said she likes her end pieces burnt with peanut butter. However, the most creative use of the end piece goes to Juanita Paynter who saves a bunch of them and makes bread pudding.

And some, believe it or not, fight over the end pieces. Jesse M. Stanley's family is guilty of this, but there is a good reason. It's homemade bread and the end pieces of homemade bread is delicious, the crustier the better.

So, the next time you come the end piece of bread....get creative. Think of a yummy way to honor it.

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