Walmart Now Offers Employees College Assistance For Just $1 Out of Pocket

So, what do we, as a country, do to provide good education that is also affordable? Fortunately, some companies are offering educational assistance for their employees. On Wednesday, Walmart announced that they had put together a program to offer Bachelor's and Associates degrees to all their full and part time employees.

The cost? ONE dollar per day! Walmart will pay for your books, tuition and other fees and the employee pays $1.00/day for the entire time that they are attending the school.

The only stipulation is that the degree must be in either business or supply chain management. Colleges participating in the program include: The University of Florida- Gainsville, Brandman University in Irvine CA, and Bellevue University in Bellevue, NB. And the best part is that all offer online programs for working adults!

It's a great idea for someone who wants to improve themselves with education but doesn't want to incur massive debt.

Are other companies taking Walmart's lead and offering similar programs? The answer is yes! Many have already had programs in place.

British Petroleum will reimburse eligible employees up to 90% of educational expenses. It must be an approved course at an accredited school and grades MUST be kept up to a satisfactory level.

Smuckers will reimburse its employees 100% for college courses approved by them. They also offer $3000 scholarships per year for up to 10 years for children of employees.

Starbucks is in collaboration with Arizona State University and offers their employees full tuition towards bachelor's degrees. Their "Pathway to Admissions" program assists employees that can't qualify for admissions to ASU to get up to speed, tuition free.

An employer benefits from employees who know that they can advance their career at their place of employment with assistance from that employer. It gives the employee more incentive to stay with that company and advance upwards, thus improving their lives and company morale.

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