This Jeopardy Champ Bet it All! Pleads Guilty to Hacking Coworkers' Emails

She set a record, at that time, for the most wins for a female contestant. She had it all. Flash forward to present day and after pleading guilty to the charge of "unauthorized computer access" Stephanie Jass could face up to 5 years in prison.

It all happened last year at Adrian College, where Jass worked as a teacher. The school administration issued a computer reset and issued the same temporary password to everyone at the college. That's when Jass went on a four-day period of logging into professors, colleagues and students email accounts. One of the college professors discovered a document listing notes, comments and problems of the faculty that Jass had in the school's computer files. He reported it to the school officials who then took it to the authorities. Shortly after this discovery, Jass was fired.

Adrian College issued a statement in which they said: "Privacy rights are a fundamental principle to our American democracy and Adrian College stands with those who protect these rights." 

Jass's attorney is seeking a delay in sentencing and said he would like to allow Jess to have time to follow her bond conditions that were set by the judge. Her scheduled sentencing was scheduled for July 20th, but if the delay is granted it will move it forward.

It is not clear as to why someone who seemed to have it all would put it in "jeopardy" for information (wakka wakka wakka).

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