'The Voice' Season 14 Premiere: There's a New Sheriff in Countrytown

Now that the Winter Olympics are over, people will ready for entertainment of a different sort. The Voice was back for season 14 with Blake, Adam, Alisha Keys and new coach Kelly Clarkson and 12.2 million viewers were happy about that.

Now that American Idol has been rebooted and will be airing March 11th, The Voice won't have a monopoly as the only singing talent show on TV. The jury is still out as to whether American Idol will steal viewers from The Voice, but we do remember when The Voice aired 7 years ago it was the beginning of the end for Americal Idol.

NBC isn't taking any chances and has added a new element this season. There is now a "block" button which allows a coach to block out another coach from getting a singer. It can only be used once during the season. Alisha Keys strategically used this to block out Blake from getting country singer Justin Kilgore from Austin Texas, who sang a killer version of Chris Young's song "Tomorrow." Alisha ended up getting Justin, much to the displeasure of Blake! Her strategy worked.

Freshman coach Kelly Clarkson looks to be someone who could give Blake a run for his money. She told the "Mayor of Countrytown" that there was a new sheriff in town who was just as country as he was. Blake and Kelly may trade more jabs than Blake does with his other sparring partner, Adam Levine.

Speaking of Adam, Blake wasted no time pouncing on him for his shirt choice. Blake may want to be careful, Adam still hasn't used his block. It's probably a good summation that he will wait for the right time to use it on Blake.

It's certainly going to be a fun and interesting season.

The Voice is on Monday and Tuesday at 8:00pm ET on NBC.

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WXLF 95.3, 107.1 THE WOLF

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