Reboot Overload: 2 TV Shows That Excite and 2 to Forget


Back in March, I did a story on TV reboots featuring the much publicized and hyped return of Rosanne Barr and the original cast of the “Rosanne.” 

We all know how that reboot turned out. They are still planning to bring it back this fall ... less Rosanne and retitled “The Connors.” I don’t have much hope that it will survive.

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Moving on from "Rosanne," I have chosen two reboots that I think will make it and two that I don’t see making it past the end of the year.

'Magnum P.I.'

First, one show I am very excited about, because I was a huge fan of the original series that ran from 1980-88 and starred heartthrob Tom Selleck ... "Magnum P.I." 

The new series follows the original series where Magnum is an ex-navy seal turned private investigator. He resides in Hawaii with his two best friends: TC (who owns a private helicopter sightseeing business) and Rick. All three are veterans. 

The twist to the new show is the part of Higgins, who resides and maintains the estate of Robin Masters, is now a woman ... Juliet Higgins, who is British and beautiful. 

This show reminds me of the reboot of "Hawaii 5-0." I see huge potential if they follow the formula of the original. 

With Higgins being a woman, it adds a whole new dimension to the relationship between her and Magnum. Since the show will be on CBS and takes place in Hawaii, there is a very good chance that we could see a cross-over opportunity with "Hawaii 5-0." I hope this show has a long run.

'Murphy Brown'

Another show that a lot of people are excited about is the return of Murphy Brown. The show ran from 1988-98 and won 18 Emmys, three Golden Globes and a host of other awards too numerous to mention. 

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The show is about Murphy Brown, who is an investigative reporter for the news magazine "FYI." The show focuses around the lives and times of her and her co-workers. Most of the original cast will return, except for Robert Pastorrelli who played Murphy’s house painter and friend and Pat Corley who played Phil, the owner of the bar and grill that Murphy and the cast frequented. 

I see "Murphy Brown" doing very well if they take the “South Park” approach and make fun of everybody. It will take on political viewpoints, but if it alienates either party, it could hurt the show. It needs to find a balance of the craziness of BOTH parties and have fun with it. 

The trailer for the premier went back to each character and told a quick story about why they left "FYI" and all of them were very funny. If they keep to that kind of writing, the show could very well end up with a few more Emmys to its name. 

Now, onto the reboots I don’t see making it much past the end of the year. 


First, "ALF." The show, which ran from 1986-1990, was about an alien (who always looked more like an aardvark to me) that crashes into the garage of the Tanner home and pretty much takes over the house with “Gilligan” like screw-ups, except ALF was sarcastic. He often pondered eating the family cat.

I have to be honest, this wasn’t a good show back in the late '80s, and I don’t see it doing well in the 21st century. If it gets more adult, it won’t be a family friendly show. I think they should throw this reboot in the can.

'Fantasy Island'

Finally, a show that started out as a made-for-TV movie and was successful enough to become a weekly series. 

"Fantasy Island" ran from 1977-84 and had weekly stories about people whose fantasies would come true either for good or bad. In the end, a lesson was learned and those who visited the island left better people. 

The show had good intentions, but it eventually ran out of ideas and became campy. By 1984, it wasn’t even in the Top 30 for TV shows.

This will be the second reboot of the show. The first one only lasted one season.

It might do well in the beginning, but how many fantasies can you do that will keep people tuning in?

I think, if this show is rebooted, it won’t make it past the first TV cuts that usually happen by October.I guess the new TV season will show us which ones will join the success of "Hawaii 5-0," "MacGyver" and "S.W.A.T."

Happy viewing! 

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