Hey, YouTube! What’s Up with the Ads in the Middle of Videos?


Have you noticed a new trend on YouTube where ads are placed in the middle of your videos?

At first it was ads at the end of the videos (which you could just click out of). Then, someone got smart and put it at the beginning, sometimes giving you the options to click out of it after 10 seconds. 

Now, however, there is no way to opt out of ads in the middle of videos, unless you completely click out of the video. You MUST watch the entire ad. 

Sometimes there is sound, and at other times, it’s just an ad with words, but you are compelled to stay IF you want to finish watching your video. 

So why is YouTube, and now other social media sites, doing this?

First off, don’t blame YouTube, they’re going to run ads no matter what. It’s how they make their revenue. However, it’s the video creator who chooses where the ad is placed, according to Quora

They can choose “pre-roll” “mid-roll” or “post-roll.”  Knowing about the placement, most advertisers are now opting for “mid-roll.” They’ve learned that with pre-roll and post-roll viewers can click out wasting their revenue dollars on ads not seen by the viewer.  The data completion rate shows the advertisers who watched the ad and mid-rolls are the most profitable onesid-rolls are the most profitable ones with the highest completion and engagement rate.

In 2017, 73.9 percent of video viewership was found on YouTube/Vimeo. Facebook came in second at 59.7 percent. 

In the U.S., the video ad spending is expected to reach $15.42 billion this year with an estimate near $22.18 billion by 2021, according to The Manifest.  So, pre, mid and post rolls aren’t going anywhere.

However, you CAN get rid of the ad by installing Adblocker, which is free to download. Problem solved. 

Enjoy your video viewing!

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