Benefits to Farmer's Markets and Farm Fresh Produce

Summer is on its way and if you've traveled the back roads or smaller towns you may have noticed that the farmers markets have opened for business. This is a great time of the year as it allows everyone to get some delicious fresh vegetables and fruits. 

So, what are the benefits to farm fresh produce? Yes, going to the supermarket may be easier, but fresh daily picked produce gives you more nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber as compared to frozen or canned produce.


  • You're getting produce that is at its peak of freshness. Often times you don't know where the store's produce comes from or how long it's been on the shelves. Prolonged exposure to the air also lessens the nutrition of the product (which is the reason you bought it in the first place.)
  • It's local, so you are keeping the money you spend in your community and helps the local economy. It also helps the environment by preserving the green space that the products are grown on. 
  • Farmer's markets and farm stands are a fun way to spend the day together with the family. Children can buy their favorite veggie or fruit and thus teaches them the benefit of making good healthy eating choices. They also learn the value of growing something on your own and may spur them to plant their own items.
  • Local farmer's markets help to build a community. Hundreds of these markets sell their goods weekly. Everything from vegetables to cheese to fresh fish.  The people who are faithful shoppers form friendships with other shoppers as well as the vendors selling their products. 


Enjoy some local fresh produce and remember to thank a farmer for all they do.

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WXLF 95.3, 107.1 THE WOLF

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