7 Honest Tips to Make Online Dating Easier

How do you attract the person you are looking for? These honest tips should help.


First things first: decide which site you want to use. Remember, you get what you pay for. Free sites aren't bad, but they don't spend much time matching you to someone that has similar likes and ideals. Sites where you pay are more likely to match you with someone who you could potentially find a connection with.


When you do decide to take the plunge into online dating, what is the most important thing? Your profile. This is kind of like making a great resume, only with a picture. It is important that you do include one. People are interested in people they can see...this is a social media world, so be social and include one. A profile without a picture will get passed over more. Your goal is to meet someone, so make it easy for the person doing the hunting.

Online dating statistics say that people who smile and show their teeth have a 93% better response rate than those who don't. Dress nicely, but don't overdress. A tux or formal dress will make you look a little stuffy. Take the picture of just you; not you with five other people. It confuses the viewer because they’ll be unsure of which person you are. Pictures with children should be avoided for the safety of the children. If you have kids, your profile usually has a place where you can reveal it.


If you don't own a Mercedes, a boat, a home in the mountains, home near the ocean, own an island etc. don't pose in the picture with it (this tends to be more of a male thing than female thing.) This could annoy your potential date.


Also (and this tends be a guy thing) posing with your shirt off should be avoided. If you have a six-pack abs, that's great, but save it for when you go to the beach to show them off. If you ski, snowboard, run, have a cool hobby, put that in the picture. You viewer will be more interested in you if they think you like what they like.


Now that you have selected a good picture, the hard part is writing something. First off, don't be negative. Don't talk about all the bad dates you had on the site (remember the webmaster will be monitoring the site as well). Talk about yourself in a positive light: your likes, hobbies and what you are looking for in a match. Be positive and when someone responds, ask questions like: What do you like to do for fun? What do you do for work? What is your favorite place to eat? Show an interest in THEM...remember, they reached out to you.


Brevity is best when creating a profile. Give them enough to be interested, but not so much that it will have them running for the hills. Finally, proofread, proofread, proofread. Make sure that the sentence structure makes sense and that you have correct spelling. You’d be surprised how much this upsets people.


The final tip is for the ladies. When you do set up a date, make it some place you know that is well lit. Never have them pick you up at your home. Have a "phone a friend" option. Give the friend the information as to where you are going and what time. If the date is taking a bad turn, call and let them know you are leaving. Safety is the most important factor in online dating.

These tips should help you be successful in the wonderful world of online dating. Happy hunting!

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WXLF 95.3, 107.1 THE WOLF

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