Weird Foods That Will Cool You Down on a Hot Summer Day


It's gonna be another hot summer day today.

When the thermometer goes past 88, most people turn to ice cream or watermelon to cool down. Sure, they work just fine, but how about something with hot chili peppers in it? You may not think chili peppers can cool you down, but according to experts, they actually trick your body into THINKING it's hotter than it is. You begin to sweat, which ultimately causes your body to cool down.


Popeye had the right idea. Spinach can actually cool you down to by helping level out your blood pressure.



How about a piping hot bowl of soup? Again, the warm liquid tricks the body into thinking it's hot, so you begin sweating. The moisture on your skin actually ends up cooling you down.


Watermelon is a perfect way to cool down, too. There's a few reasons why: When you bite in, you’re immediately drenched with watermelon juice. That’s because it’s mostly water. It also has plenty of amino acid, which helps cool you down by dilating your blood vessels and helping with circulation.

You want to avoid too many carbs, meat and high protein foods on a hot and humid days. Your body has to work harder to digest them, which tends to increase your body temperature. Stay cool!

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