Ready to Deliver: Governor Tells Nazzy and Tara the State Is Working With Fuel Companies

Gov. Chris Sununu on Friday on 98.3 LNH's "The Morning Wake Up" with Nazzy and Tara told the DJs the state had to lift rules on fuel delivery truck drivers during the recent cold spell.

Many residents in New Hampshire had problems getting fuel deliveries just as the state endured frigid temperatures for more than a week.

Heating fuel companies were so busy, people started to contact the state for help.

"We realized we had to get much more directly involved with the oil companies," Sununu said. 

The state then went to work assessing the calls they received based on the severity of the situation and relayed the calls based on priority to the oil companies. 

Sununu said that the state received around 400 calls about heating oil assistance.

Fuel companies were challenged with the number of deliveries, not because of the lack of oil, but the lack of drivers.

Sununu issued a temporary lift on a rule that limited the number of hours a truck driver could drive so the oil companies could make deliveries.

"There was a shortage of drivers." Sununu told Nazzy and Tara. "That's what the problem was really about.

"It was a real integration of taking our data and what we were seeing, and helping them re-prioritize to get to those folks who simply needed it the most." 

The relationship between emergency response services and the gas companies is a new one, but Sununu plans on developing it more.

The state plans to bring the oil companies in to discuss feedback on how they can help make companies more efficient in emergencies.

"In these situations it is all about communication," Sununu said.

As for the future, Sununu said residents should shovel a path to their fill pot for the oil company employees. He said a lot of the orders took longer because the employees had to spend up to half an hour shoveling a path to access the port.

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Residents should also get on the auto pay system for the oil orders. People who were on an auto pay system had enough oil for the cold snap because they were proactive.

"We just have to be a little more preemptive on our own parts in making sure that our systems are ready for them to deliver," Sununu said, "and that we're prepared in giving ourselves a leeway for those cold snaps."

Sununu also talked to Nazzy and Tara about the skiing conditions for this weekend and what will happen with the upcoming Patriots game. Listen to the full interview below.


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