March Sadness? Time Spent on Checking Brackets May Shock You

A new survey recently found that the average US employee wastes up to six hours of time during March Madness paying attention to the games instead of actually getting stuff done.

In other words, that’s about 25 minutes each day during the tournament's 15 days of games, checking scores, peeking at highlights, looking at their brackets and talking to other employees about the games and not doing the actual work they are paid to do.

That being said, an argument can be made for the positive impact the distraction can have on an employee. Think about it this way, employees bonding with each other could improve teamwork. 

Unless one of them is losing money, that could potentially negatively impact the workplace. According to ESPN and the American Gaming Association, in 2017 40 million people were expected to submit 70 million brackets, at an average of $29 per bracket. That's a lot of distracted worker bees.

Who will cut down the net as the champ and who may potentially lose their job this month during March Madness? Keep an eye out, it could be you!

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