Maine Police Apprehend Chicken Running Wild in Olive Garden Parking Lot

Augusta Police were dispatched to an Olive Graden after someone called 911 to report a chicken running wild in the parking lot.


Witnesses say they saw the bird cross four lanes of traffic on the highway to get away from officers who were trying to apprehend it. They didn't really know how to catch the chicken. They just decided to wing it.

After nearly 20 minutes of playing “Chicken” in traffic, they finally apprehended the pesky poultry.

One of the officers who persued the chicken is Officer Brad Chase and he happens to keep chickens at his home. He's holding onto the bird until they could find its owner.

The saddest part of the story is that the chicken made it all the way to Olive Garden and never got to enjoy the endless salad and breadsticks.

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