Local Kid Saves Lady From Car She Drove Off Wolfeboro Town Docks

Yesterday featured a beautiful New Hampshire, spring afternoon. So perfect that Wolfeboro's Zachary Cray decided to go fishing.

Zac, a senior at Kingswood Regional High School, always has his fishing gear in the back of his vehicle. You never know when the conditions will be just right. Good thing he decided to drop line yesterday.

Zac was fishing off the end of the town docks in Wolfeboro around 4 p.m. yesterday when he heard a crash and splash just yards away from him. Without hesitation, he jumped into the water to pull the woman out of the car that had just gone into Lake Winnipesaukee, along with another good Samaritan.


According to local authorities, it appeared that the driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake before she plunged over the edge of the town docks. It took hours for crews to hoist the car from the water.

Wolfeboro firefighters said the driver was not hurt but that there was some damage that will need to be repaired.

Environmental crews were called to contain a small fuel leak. But, if it were not for Zachary Cray, there may have been a completely different outcome.

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