Global Heat Wave Affects Wallstreet, Starts Melting Pavement, and Hits 90 in Siberia


Whether you believe in Global Warming or not, we call can agree it’s been super hot and it seams to be getting hotter.Across the globe, we’ve been setting and breaking records. It was so hot recently in NYC, that even Wallstreet was affected.

According to reports, “high humidity slowed down radio transmissions among three New Jersey data centers where U.S. stocks trade. It took about 8 microseconds longer to send information from Nasdaq’s facility in Carteret to the New York Stock Exchange data center, and an extra 2 microseconds to send data to Cboe Global Markets Inc.’s exchange in Secaucus.”

It's gotten up over 90 degrees in Siberia. That's almost double the normal temperature at this time of year.

In Newcastle England it's so hot that a road melted and a guy's foot sank in and he got stuck. The fire department had to use a hammer and chisel to get him out.  

In another part of the UK, fields in the country of Wales are drying up, revealing evidence of ancient civilizations underneath them.

And finally, I don’t recommend trying this, someone in Quebec hooked up plastic tubes from his car into his apartment to pump in more air conditioning. I can think of other ways to stay cool that don’t involve potential “Carbon monoxide” exposure.

The evidence is stacking up to a global warm up. Regardless, make sure you take is slow when the thermometer get’s too hot. Take care of the pets and the elderly. And drink your water while you’re taking a break in the shade! Stay cool!

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