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Coming Attractions: Going The Extra 'Mile'

Blistering explosions, sizzling hot romance, and heartwarming dogs. It's your typical summer weekend at the movies!

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All the Good Sports: Pay The Man His Due

Yes, it's true, Tom Brady is doing just fine. But that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve even more.

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All the Good Sports: Unique Debut Evokes Memories of The Impossible Dream

Two former Fisher Cats combined for a memorable MLB debut.

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Jay Dawg's Perfect Attendance Streak Comes to an End!

Jay Dawg's a producer, on-air personality for 'Cail and Company,' host of 'Coming Attractions' and 'Box Officer Round-Up' as well as Jay Dawg's 'Walk to Work' and he doesn't miss work. 

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'Fight for Redemption': Authors Talk About the Greatest Tom Brady Comeback

Tom Brady is calling the signals and a game is never over until it’s over.

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