Did You Know Dover Has a Rat Cleanup Day?

To address the increasing problem of rats overtaking certain downtown neighborhoods, Dover residents are organizing a neighborhood cleanupand education day this Saturday, Aug. 4.

The event is called Neighborhood Clean Up and Rat Education Day and will consist of helping neighbors who need assistance cleaning up their properties, general removal of debris, trash, and brush piles, and hanging up flyers regarding rat education.

Dover Mayor Karen Weston, a guest on 98.1 WTSN's "Open Mic" with Dave Andreesen. New York street to Central Avenue Oak Street to Broadway just to encompass that.

"We have a river running through the city, and that's where they like to live," she said. "They like wet and moisture and need a food source. A lot of people now have open composting, which is a food source, and brush piles that they like to live under."

Weston said the group will walk the neighborhood and identify areas on properties that may have a habitat for attracting rats, and work with the property owner to eliminate it.

"We want to go out and help the neighborhood as much as we can and try to identify some who really need the help," Weston said. "You don't have to be dirty to have a problem, you just have to have a source. If you have a garden, they'll eat your vegetables."

The group plans to start at the Park Street Park at 10:00 am, and all residents are welcome to take part in the cleanup or to just learn about how to protect their property from rodents.

WTSN 98.1 News Talk

WTSN 98.1 News Talk

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