Dan Abrams on the High-Stakes Trial That Launched Lincoln's Presidential Campaign

It is tough to claim to bring something truly new to the massive amount of books and articles that have been written about Abraham Lincoln's life, but Dan Abrams, Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News, along with his co-author David Fisher have done it with the help of an unknown transcript of a landmark self-defense case argued by Lincoln in the sweltering summer of 1859, just two years before his election to the nation's highest office.

WTSN's Mike Pomp had a chance to speak to Dan Abrams about this high-stakes trial that launched Lincoln's presidential campaign all documented in his most recent book "Lincoln's Last Trial."

Hear the interview here.Written by Mike Pomp - News Talk 98.1 WTSN.

WTSN 98.1 News Talk

WTSN 98.1 News Talk

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