Finally These Kinds of Drivers Will Get Tickets in Idaho

Here's a law we can all get behind: Idaho's new "slowpoke law."  The law, that took effect on July 1st, now makes it possible for State Police to give tickets to drivers going too slow in the fast lane.

So far, (as of July 27th) only two drivers have been issued tickets. Three others got warnings. The fine is 90 dollars. \

Idaho State Police Lt. Shawn Staley says," if vehicles are moving slower, it can cause accidents and crashes." Not to mention road rage. 

Staley also said, "it's a pet peeve for most motorists." And, "if we see a problem that can be dangerous, we will issue citations." 

Many states have similar laws about left lane travel, but right now, if you're driving in Idaho, it's life in the fast lane.

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